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Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 11:12am

Larger Than Life Tribute For Braves Star

Thanks to a Loganville theme park, Braves fans have a new way to get up close and personal with Chipper Jones.

Jones revelers can spend hours navigating the twists and turns of a new corn maze.

The likeness is carved into 10 acres of the park.

Corn Dawgs has been operating the theme park for four years.

But this year’s corn maze is special says owner and Braves fan Misty Duren:

“We were trying to decide on a design this year. And my husband and I are huge Braves fans so we thought, hey what a great way to pay tribute to Chipper and we’ll make a maze out of him.”

Duren says the maze takes about 4 hours to create using a small tractor guided by a GPS locater.

Duren says she hopes to hear from Chipper Jones himself.

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