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Monday, August 13, 2012 - 1:30am

People Build Bald Eagles A New Home

Mother Nature is getting help from mankind in South Georgia. It’s all in an effort to provide a new home for Abe and Mary.

Those are the names wildlife advocates have given two young, bald eagles in Colquitt County. The pair are without a home after lightening struck twice, killing trees where they built their nests.

Chet Powell with the Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association says they’re getting ready to put up a 90-foot longleaf pine pole with a platform at the top in lieu of a nest.

“It’s pretty big and then every year they just keep adding to it. And when you see a bald eagle building a nest, it’s not like a bird with a twig. They’re very often flying with a huge branch in their talons. So, a lot of effort.”

There’s no guarantee Abe and Mary, who are hanging our nearby will move in. Powell says they partnered with Colquitt EMC, Langdale Products, a Valdosta lumber company, and Moultrie Technical College for the project.

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