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Monday, August 13, 2012 - 1:30am

People Build Bald Eagles A New Home

Updated: 5 years ago.
Susan Musgrove and Marcus Tyler from Moultrie Technical College work on eagle platform (photo Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association)

Mother Nature is getting help from mankind in South Georgia. It’s all in an effort to provide a new home for Abe and Mary.

Those are the names wildlife advocates have given two young, bald eagles in Colquitt County. The pair are without a home after lightening struck twice, killing trees where they built their nests.

Chet Powell with the Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association says they’re getting ready to put up a 90-foot longleaf pine pole with a platform at the top in lieu of a nest.

“It’s pretty big and then every year they just keep adding to it. And when you see a bald eagle building a nest, it’s not like a bird with a twig. They’re very often flying with a huge branch in their talons. So, a lot of effort.”

There’s no guarantee Abe and Mary, who are hanging our nearby will move in. Powell says they partnered with Colquitt EMC, Langdale Products, a Valdosta lumber company, and Moultrie Technical College for the project.