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Friday, August 10, 2012 - 10:39am

Rains A Good Sign

It's been a rainy week across much of the state. Thunderstorms dumped more than 11 inches of rain Wednesday in Tifton. Weather experts say storms are becoming more widespread across Georgia.

For the last two years Georgia’s been in a so-called La Nina weather pattern. La Nina means warmer and drier weather and greater risk of drought. Now there are signs that pattern could end come winter.

Pam Knox is the recently-named State Agricultural Climatologist. She says recent rains will fill ponds used for irrigation, but winter rains will do more for waterways and aquifers because the moisture doesn't evaporate in the cooler months.

“As we get these storms that continue to develop and move rainfall sort of across the area, I think that’s a great sign that we’re seeing this more active thunderstorm season, because over time that will tend to spread out the rain.”

Despite the recent rains most of the state is still in a drought. Knox says the only way to end it quickly will be the kind of rains that come from a tropical storm.