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Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 11:27am

Tax-Free Weekend For Back To School Shopping

Georgia’s tax-free weekend is the first back-to-school tax break since 2009.

Shoppers won’t pay state sales tax on clothing and footwear up to 100 dollars per item, personal computers that cost up to a thousand dollars, and general school supplies up to 20 dollars per item.

Even though school has already started for some districts, Rick McAllister with the Georgia Retail Association said stores are vying for a boost in sales.

"A lot of retailers are competing with each other for the consumer's business. I think consumers will look at that and say we want to do the bulk on Friday of Saturday to take advantage of the tax free nature but we're going to have to buy some other things too," said McAllister.

But with the tax-free holiday returning from a three-year hiatus, are Georgia consumers ready to take advantage of it?

Ian Ward from Warner Robbins said it won’t impact his shopping trip to Atlanta.

"Honestly I didn't even know about it. I really doubt we're going to be taking part in it at all. I just never really had the money whenever it rolls around to feel like I need to splurge on something, get that little bit of an extra break on it,” Ward said.

The tax-free weekend lasts through midnight Saturday.

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