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Monday, July 30, 2012 - 12:13pm

Candidate Removed From Ballot

An emergency elections hearing took place just a day before Tuesday’s primary.

The Democratic Party of Georgia requested the hearing at Fulton County Superior Court. It’s to challenge the Secretary of State’s decision to remove a Democratic candidate from the ballot.

Brian Kemp removed Richie Smith, from House District 151 in southwest Georgia, over an issue of alleged unpaid taxes relating to a car he bought in 1995.

Eric Gray with the Georgia Democrats says Smith has since paid his taxes, but was never notified of a hearing to clear the matter up:

“They actually held a court hearing about this issue, and never notified Richie Smith, so he never showed up for the hearing. We contend there was a flaw in the court system, he needs his day in court and he certainly shouldn’t be removed form the ballot without due process.”

If Smith remains off the ballot, there won’t be any Democrat running in that district. Smith was originally qualified against Republican Representative Gerald Green of Cuthbert.

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