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Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 8:13am

Georgia 400 Tolls To End

Governor Nathan Deal announced Thursday that by December of 2013, tolls will end on Georgia 400.

The tolls on Georgia 400 were originally set to expire in 2017, but the state will pay off its bond debt in December of 2013.

Governor Deal tied the announcement to the upcoming transportation tax referendum called TSPLOST on the July 31st ballot.

“One of the arguments against TSPLOST has been that you cannot trust government to do what it says it will do. I want to remove that impression. And I think this is a good faith effort to do exactly that,” said Deal.

Those opposed to the tax have raised concerns about how the funds will be handled.

The Governor said he’s always made it clear that tolling projects should be for new construction. And he said the express lanes along the I-75 corridor north,
and I-575 will be toll lanes.

Deal says that’s the only way the state can afford to provide for the growing traffic demand.