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Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 11:07am

GA's Universities Generated $13.2 Billion

A study by the University of Georgia found the 35 schools in the University system generated $13.2 billion for Georgia’s economy last year. That’s mainly due to the growing number of students and how much they spend.

The report by the Selig Center for Economic Growth found the university system schools also generated nearly 132 thousand off-campus jobs in 2011.

Center Director Jeff Humphreys says since the downturn in the economy, more people are going back to school to upgrade their skills. That’s helping increase jobs in the communities where those schools are based.

“The lion’s share, two out of every three off-campus jobs that were created over the last five years were created because of more spending by more students.”

John Milsaps, spokesman for the Board of Regents says enrollment has increased from nearly 260 thousand students in 2005 to just over 318 thousand students last year. That helps local businesses.

“Folks who have restaurants, sell clothes, books and other services that students use.”

And he says an increasing percentage of students are heading to state and two year colleges.

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