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Thursday, July 5, 2012 - 2:47am

Workers Hurt Setting Up Fireworks

Two workers setting up fireworks for the Fourth of July display in Woodstock have been injured.

Police spokeswoman Brittany Duncan said the licensed company contracted to set off fireworks had a close-to-ground detonation that injured the two workers.

She said one of those injured was taken to the hospital, but his injuries didn't appear life-threatening.

The fireworks were halted temporarily but later resumed.

Also, a boatload of fireworks on a lake in Villa Rica went up all at once near the VFW post. Two men on the boat preparing for the show went to the hospital with burns.

Meanwhile, police in Albany suspended July 4th fireworks because a string of fights made the event unsafe.

Chief John Proctor said several fights broke out in an area where many people had gathered to watch the fireworks show. He said it became a safety and crowd control issue.

The fireworks show resumed after police cleared the area, but few people were left to see the end.

Proctor says he had 85 officers assigned to the event. He blamed the fights on young people who were there with no adult supervision.

Police say no one was seriously injured in the fights. Officers did make some arrests.

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