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Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 4:46am

Summer School Heats Up

As high school graduation ceremonies wind down, many kids are getting ready to return to the classroom. For those going to summer school it’s time to hit the books.

Summer school gives kids in middle and high school a chance to recover credits lost when they fail a class. Without passing, many cannot advance to the next grade, or in some cases graduate.

But recovering those credits can be expensive. Chris Brown is the Summer School Principal in Houston County. He says the $200 per class goes to pay salaries and transportation.

“In the past we’ve had different organizations that provide scholarships. But I guess with the current economic times those funds are real short as well. So, we’re just putting that responsibility on the parent and the student.”

Some school systems in Georgia charge as much as $400 for each class. In most cases summer school lasts three weeks. Kids can take up to three classes.

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