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Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 11:13am

Georgia Tech Opens Doors To Air Force

Robins Air Force Base signed a formal education partnership agreement with Georgia Tech. The collaboration gives members of the military more access to education.

The two-fold agreement brings students and faculty from Georgia Tech on-base in Warner Robins to do research. They’ll help create solutions for the Air Force’s problems such as aging aircraft, energy conservation, and integrating new technologies.

Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson says it will also allow veterans to study for advanced degrees.

“With the draw-down of forces in Iraq and Afghanistan there’s going to be a tremendous number of servicemen and women returning to the country. And this will provide an opportunity for them to get additional education that can make them more productive whether they stay in the military or return to civilian employment.”

Base officials say the partnership demonstrates Georgia’s commitment to the base and can protect it as the military looks at bases to close.