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Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 11:04am

GA 6th In Friendliness To Small Business

A new survey ranks Georgia sixth in the nation in terms of how friendly it is to small business.

The online business and the Kauffman Foundation surveyed more than 6 thousand executives.

The website’s Sander Daniel says Georgia small business owners praised the ease of starting a business here, and the number of networking programs.

“Georgia businesses were thrilled with the support they were getting from their local Chambers of Commerce and Small Business Development companies. And overall, Georgia really shined. Not only above its neighbors but nationally.”

However, the survey found Georgia ranks 40th when it comes to small business growth.

Monica Page, with Valdosta State University’s Small Business Development Center, says the state should counsel businesses on how to repair their credit.

“What can we do to support folks that have fallen into a hard time but have a great idea and something that would be very good for our community. But they’re held up in the lending situation.”

The survey ranked south Georgia as the most business friendly part of the state because of easier local license and permitting requirements

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