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Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 7:02pm

Obama's Visit To Focus On Veterans

President Obama travels to Georgia's Ft. Stewart Army base Friday to sign an executive order aimed at stopping colleges from deceptively marketing to veterans.

The order will require educational institutions to fully inform veterans of risks before they take on private student loans.

Students taking out costly, high-interest loans to attend schools that don't have good track records is hardly a problem limited to veterans.

But in the absence of wider legislation to better inform all students, the administration is moving to prevent aggressive and deceptive tactics against veterans, a power it's claiming under existing law.

The order will require that veterans receive so-called "Know Before You Owe" disclosure detailing costs and educational outcomes before borrowing.

It also would seek to trademark the term "GI Bill," allowing officials to crack down on websites they say give veterans a false sense of security.

First Lady Michelle Obama will accompany the President on his visit.

Mrs. Obama is expected to talk about the program called "Joining Forces," which helps veterans gain employment.

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