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Friday, March 30, 2012 - 12:01pm

Lawmakers Turn Focus To Campaign Trail

Now that the legislative session is over, lawmakers can turn their attention to the campaign trail—from raising money to raising awareness about issues that matter to their constituents.

After an emotional last week of intense lobbying, deal brokering and compromising at the Capitol, Georgia lawmakers are looking ahead to November.

With the session finished, they can legally raise money again and run for re-election.
State law forbids lawmakers from raising money when they’re in session.

Tom Crawford, with the Georgia report, says most legislators will be hanging their hats on the issues that saw the most debate in both chambers:

“To a greater degree than you’ve normally seen, we had a lot of red button social issues, what they call they meat social issues, red meat issues: Abortion, guns, and anti-picketing that led to a lot of emotional debate at the Capitol. I think you’ll hear a lot of those same issues talked about on the campaign trail, because that’s the way to get voters energized and turn out on election day.”

In the next 40 days, legislators will be watching to see which bills Governor Nathan Deal signs into law—and which bills, if any, will be vetoed.