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Monday, March 19, 2012 - 3:30am

Killings At School In France Follow Earlier Murders Of Soldiers

There are fears in France today that the killings of at least four people outside a Jewish school in the city of Toulouse are linked to earlier murders of three soldiers.

According to France 24, today's victims include "a father and his two sons." The boys, The Associated Press reports, were 3- and 6-years-old. The other person killed was reportedly a child between the age of 8 and 10. A 17-year-old was seriously wounded, news outlets say.

Witnesses say the gunman was on a scooter. And as the BBC writes, "police say there are similarities with the killings of three soldiers in two separate incidents the same part of France last week. All three of North African origin were shot by a man on a scooter."

France 24 says that the French newspaper LeFigaro is reporting that "spent cartridges found at the scene on Monday were of the same .45 calibre as cartridges used in the [other] shootings last week. The paper also reported that police sources believed it was the same killer."

The BBC adds that "Monday's attack happened as children and their parents were arriving at the Ozar Hatorah school, in the Joliment area of the city, for the start of the school day. Local prosecutor Michel Valet said ... 'he shot at everything he could see, children and adults, and some children were chased into the school.' "

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