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Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 5:00pm

Lawmakers To Study Small Biz Regulations

State House Speaker David Ralston announced Wednesday that lawmakers will begin accepting feedback about Georgia regulations from small business owners.

The so-called “red tape watch” will collect any and all comments from the public.

But Ralston says he’s especially on the lookout for complaints from residents who say state regulations are getting in the way of doing business.

Ralston, a Blue Ridge Republican, says he’s been talking to business owners.

“I’ve heard from one end of the state to the other from small business owners that they are drowning under red tape, and duplicative forms that they have to submit to various state agencies and departments,” he said after a committee meeting where he made the announcement.

He said in some cases, these regulations significantly raise firms' costs.

Officials from the Georgia Chamber of Commerce say many business owners complain about state permits.

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