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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 12:17pm

Political Messages Hit Savannah

Georgia voters who live along the South Carolina border are getting an early introduction to this year's presidential race in the form of campaign commercials.

However, Augusta- and Savannah-area voters might not yet be ready to pay the candidates any mind.

South Carolina's primary is a little more than a week away, giving border-area voters an early raft of political ads on television.

The local media also frequently covers candidate visits just across the border.

Savannah College of Art and Design School of Liberal Arts Dean Robert Eisinger says, the political messages could sway some, but pack a limited punch in Georgia.

"They're overwhelming for many. They're also entertaining for others," Eisinger says. "But because it's not our primary, we're just not paying that much attention to the ads like those people in South Carolina."

Georgia voters won't go to the polls until March sixth. Eisinger says, the time gap might also erase the impact the political messages gave in the Peach State.

"When these ads come on, we may watch them, but we may run for our remote control and not focus on it because the primary isn't our primary," Eisinger says. "We're not immersed in it."

The South Carolina vote will affect Georgia's primary, however, if the Palmetto State primary is decisive enough to determine which candidates are still running in March.

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