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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 10:52am

Men Evicted from Rome Salvation Army Shelter

Several men have been evicted from a Salvation Army shelter in Rome amid controversy over recent vandalism.

Salvation Army Capt. Tim Farrell tells the Rome News-Tribune that some people might consider him Grinch-like for ordering the men to leave so close to the holidays. But Farrell says he had no choice.

Farrell said someone ripped a thermostat and wiring from a wall, destroyed some plumbing and intentionally stopped up a toilet at the shelter.

He called the men together Monday and asked who did the damage and whether they knew who did. Since no one stepped forward, he asked the men to leave the shelter.

He said the 12 to 15 men who were there Monday won't be allowed back for at least six months.