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Friday, October 21, 2011 - 7:05am

$3.5 Million Transportation Campaign

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce has begun raising $3.5 million to fund an educational and marketing campaign for the transportation tax vote.

The Chamber is coordinating the regional marketing campaigns for the vote. Georgians will vote on a penny sales tax for transportation next summer. Each region’s voters will cast ballots for a specific list of projects in their area.

The Chamber has created a separate entity to focus on long-term transportation projects, including the 2012 tax vote. In addition, the Chamber has hired a team of political and polling experts to help with the campaign.

The information campaigns will focus on each region’s unique road, bridge and transit projects. Roundtables in the state’s 12 transportation regions finalized the project lists earlier this month.

The campaign will include grassroots efforts such as appearances at Rotary club meetings around the state. Advertisements and billboards will also likely be part of the mix.

Georgia Chamber officials have said individuals and businesses around the state should consider contributing to the campaign in the same way they might make a donation for a political campaign.

In Atlanta, the Metro Chamber is spearheading a $6 million campaign to promote the vote there.