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Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 8:05pm

Slain Officer's Family Reacts To Execution

The widow of a slain Savannah police officer says "it's a time for healing" now that Georgia has executed Troy Davis for the murder 22 years ago.

Joan MacPhail-Harris, the widow of Mark MacPhail, told The Associated Press in a phone interview after Wednesday's execution that she sees "nothing to rejoice" in Davis' death and is praying for the inmate's family.

MacPhail-Harris was at the Georgia state prison in Jackson when Davis was put to death by lethal injection. She did not witness the execution.

Davis was executed for the 1989 slaying of MacPhail, who was gunned down while rushing to help a homeless man being attacked.

Davis insisted he was innocent and garnered thousands of supporters worldwide while fighting his conviction in court.

Anneliese MacPhail, the mother of Mark MacPhail, told The Associated Press that the feelings of relief and peace she has been waiting for all these years will come later.