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Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 10:21am

Disaster Aid Still Coming To Georgia

A Federal Emergency Management Agency funds freeze in the wake of Hurricane Irene will have a limited impact in Georgia.

Home and business owners still will receive disaster help.

FEMA officials say, Hurricane Irene has nearly depleted their disaster fund.

And so, the agency is suspending some payments to state and local officials.

Georgia Emergency Management Agency spokesman Ken Davis says, the categories of delayed payments are narrow.

"The most recent round of tornados that we had in the state in April, much of that disaster funding involved categories which are not affected by this," Davis says.

The tornado damage involved funds for debris removal, which is not affected.

So, what is affected?

Davis says, "Road and bridge projects, water control facility projects like flood control systems, publicly-owned utility facilities and parks and recreation facilities that are being constructed or repaired as a result of disasters."

Davis says, many of the affected projects were done in the 90's but haven't been closed out because they're still being repaid.

Governments expecting repayment for disaster repair work will have to wait until Congress refills FEMA's disaster fund.