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Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 11:23am

Irene Moving Away From Georgia

The forecasts keep getting better for Georgia’s coast as Hurricane Irene approaches the southeastern United States.

The National Hurricane Center shifted Irene’s path eastward Wednesday, moving Georgia out of what’s called the “cone of uncertainty.” Irene now looks to be headed to the Carolinas or perhaps farther north.

Officials at the Georgia Emergency Management Agency continued to monitor the storm’s progress.

“We can’t take our eyes off this storm as there’s always a possibility the track could change and we don’t want to be caught unaware,” said GEMA spokeswoman Crystal Paulk-Buchanan. “Irene bears our attention until it moves north of Georgia.”

Paulk-Buchanan said the state will still feel Irene’s influence as the storm passes.

“Winds could have an impact along the coastline with heavy surf and riptides, and even though we’ll in all likelihood not have a hit, per se, there could be some impact and folks need to continue to be monitoring that storm,” she said.

Paulk-Buchanan said southeast Georgia could see three to four inches of rain from the storm.

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