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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 11:34am

Deal Objects To Hall County Districts

Both chambers of the state legislature have approved new state house redistricting maps. But Gov. Nathan Deal wants lawmakers to take a second look at how the new map divides his home county.

That's because under the approved maps, Hall County would go from having three state representatives to seven.

Gov. Deal says that would divide the county too much.

“Well, it's obviously a concern for me because a county that’s gone from having three major representatives and a fractional part of a fourth representative is now going to be split into seven different configurations," Deal said. "That is a concern for me, and I wish it had been addressed earlier in the process.”

House Speaker David Ralston says he’s promised the Governor that the legislature will amend the map to reduce the number of representatives.

“You know Hall County has grown in population. When a county grows in population, obviously you’re going to have more representatives," The Blue Ridge Republican said. "The county is going to be divided up more ways. But I do understand his concerns and I have made a commitment to him that we are going to work with him and make sure that does get fixed.”

Hall County won’t lose the three representatives it has now but Ralston said the new number will likely be somewhere between three and seven. He says the change may be implemented during the special session or in January when the legislature reconvenes.

It’s unclear how it will affect other counties or districts.

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