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Monday, August 15, 2011 - 12:36pm

Brunswick Port To Get $5 Million Upgrade

A Canadian company says, it will spend $5 million to upgrade the Port of Brunswick.

The goal is to boost Georgia's growing wood pellet industry.

European energy companies use wood pellets as renewable energy.

Earlier this year, a German firm opened a large wood pellet plant near Waycross.

Now, Montreal-based Logistec Corportation says, it wants to move wood pellets more efficiently through Brunswick.

Company operations chief Mario Blanchet says, Logistec is upgrading the Brunswick port because it wants to do business with the Waycross plant, RWE.

"We're having discussions with them," Blanchet says. "They're investigating different options. And the Port of Brunswick is one of the options."

Logistec and Georgia Ports Authority have signed an agreement that will deepen three berths at the port and provide other upgrades to the docks to make it easier to ship wood pellets.

Ports spokesman Robert Morris says, the deal will support Georgia's timber industry.

"We've exported those products in Georgia for many years," Morris says. "Now this gives Georgia Ports Authority another option to significantly expand our wood pellet market."

The work is expected to start next month and end in January.

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