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Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 11:01am

Middle Georgia Meets To Boost Business

Economic development officials met with business leaders from Middle Georgia Macon today in Macon. The goal is to come together as a region and create jobs. It’s all part of a statewide competitiveness initiative launched by the governor in April.

12 regions across the state are hosting the workshops. The Middle Georgia group spent the day talking about their area’s strengths and weaknesses.

Georgia Chamber of Commerce President Chris Clark says last week in Albany they talked about agribusiness, and in Macon they’ll highlight defense contracting and logistics.

“We’re listening regionally. We’re going to have regional strategies, but this is a statewide effort. This is a statewide strategy of how we get the economy moving again.”

Clark says he disagrees with the notion of two Georgia’s, meaning Atlanta and everywhere else. He says all parts of the state depend on each other to grow with things like the port, railways, and highways.