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Monday, August 1, 2011 - 10:10am

Mexico Opens to Southern Peaches

Mexico is reopening its trade markets to southern peaches. The deal comes after years of negotiations but a little late in the season for Georgia growers.

Seventeen years ago Mexico banned the sale of peaches from the Southeast over concerns about insects. The new agreement creates more stringent inspections. Right now Mexico buys most of its peaches from California.

Fort Valley Grower Duke Lane says with just two weeks left to pick peaches he’ll wait until next year to consider selling them to Mexico. He says southern peaches can be tough to export.

“Some internal make-up of sugars and acid and things along those lines that just lends itself to a sweet Georgia peach breaking down a little quicker than some of the harder Western varieties.”

Georgia is the third ranked state in peach production behind California and South Carolina.

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