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Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 11:11am

Athens To Finalize T-SPLOST Wish List

Athens area officials plan to finalize a transportation wish list Thursday.

This wish list is due to the region's Transportation Roundtable by August 15th. That group will then review all wish-lists for the northeast Georgia region and pass a final list on to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Jim Dove with the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission says that the Athens area has some big ticket requests:

“Well there’s such things as an interchange in Jackson County on Interstate 85 which is sorely needed between Braselton and Jefferson. There are also improvements to State Route 316 which is that four lane connector between Athens and Metro Atlanta which is so heavily traveled.”

Voters will decide in 2012 whether or not to approve a penny-tax that will go toward these transportation projects.

The projects would be completed over the next 10 years.