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Thursday, July 7, 2011 - 12:49pm

Unified School System To Get Vote

After decades of discussion, people in south Georgia’s Lowndes County will vote in November whether to unify the Valdosta and Lowndes county school systems.

A group called Community Unification for Education Excellence or CUEE has petitioned enough signatures to vote on whether to rescind the Valdosta City Schools charter. That would bring it under the Lowndes County system.

CUEE formed after a study commissioned by the Valdosta Chamber of Commerce found that a unified school system would benefit the local economy.

Walter Hobgood is on CUEE’s board:
“Our community was at an economic disadvantage, because we had two separate school systems and those separate school systems are not equal, but they also are not performing up to standard with the state and with other areas of the country that we compete with for economic development.”

But opponents with the group “Friends of Valdosta City Schools” say that CUEE is working without leaders of either school board, and without clear goals of how this would help education in Valdosta.

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