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Monday, June 27, 2011 - 10:40am

911 Fees Come To Prepaid Phones

Revenue from new legislation will go to local emergency response centers.

The measure changes the way people who use prepay wireless services pay a so-called “911 fee.”

Users will pay an extra 75 cents every time they add minutes to the phone.

The wireless companies then send the money to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Blain Williams is the assistant County Manager for Floyd County. He says that the money will allow the county’s 911 service to continue.

"The funding has held pretty steady and I think it’s been proactive to put these fees on phones, I mean, that’s been the way to fund these, through fees on phones services, and of course the whole landscape of phones is changing, and so this prepaid wireless service will help us.”

The new fee will begin on January 1st of 2012, and the funds will go to the counties in October.