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Friday, June 17, 2011 - 11:41am

Deal To School Boards: Work Together

Governor Nathan Deal says, he's hopeful he won't have to use new powers to remove local school board members.

Deal told hundreds of elected officials meeting in Savannah Friday, he expects them to work together.

Five school boards statewide face a July deadline to regain full status from an accrediting agency.

If they don't, they could face hearings and Deal could use a new law to remove board members from office.

The boards are in trouble for governance issues.

Deal told school board members at their annual conference here, good governance doesn't mean giving up points of view.

"You may be elected from a particular constituency, but your overall responsibility is to work cohesively with your counterparts," Deal says. "It means doing what all of us in the public arena have to do."

Deal also said he would support a state constitutional amendment to allow a state commission to approve charter schools.

The state Supreme Court recently ruled Georgia's current Charter School Commission is unconstitutional.