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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 11:10am

First Year Of Georgia Meth Project A Success

The year-old Georgia Meth Project advertising campaign is working, according to a new survey.

80% of teens say the radio and television ads make them less likely to use the drug.

Jim Langford of the Georgia Meth Project says nearly all of the young adults surveyed would show one of these ads to a relative or friend at risk of trying meth.

16 year-old Ellen Rittiner spoke about the horrific changes she saw in her cousin Kelly when she started using the drug.

“Kelly was always full of life. But once she tried meth, she was never the same. Meth changed her. She started acting like someone different. Her behavior became very self-destructive because the Kelly we knew was being taken away from us by meth.”

Ellen now volunteers with the Georgia Meth Project.

Meth abuse costs Georgia tax payers 1.3 billion dollars a year.

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