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Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 4:24am

Execution Set With New Drug Cocktail

A judge has ordered the execution of a Georgia death row inmate who was convicted of the 1978 slaying of an elderly woman in Savannah.

The judge's order on Monday would make convicted killer Roy Willard Blankenship the first person put to death in Georgia using a new three-drug execution cocktail.

Georgia said in May it would use pentobarbital instead of sodium thiopental, which is in scarce supply nationwide. The state surrendered its supply of sodium thiopental to the Drug Enforcement Administration in March amid questions about how the state obtained its supply.

The judge set the execution window between June 23 and June 30.

Blankenship was convicted of killing 78-year-old Sarah Mims Bowen. A judge this year ordered additional DNA tests, but his defense attorney said they were inconclusive.