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Monday, May 16, 2011 - 12:37pm

Law To Open More Health Plans

A new law will let health insurance plans sold in other states be available to Georgians. The intent is to broaden the market and give people more choices, but critics say it leaves the consumer vulnerable.

Georgia has dozens of mandates concerning what health insurance policies must cover in the state. For instance, one requires masectomies be paid for, another colon-rectal screenings.

Holly Lang says this law sidesteps those mandates and consumer protections.

"It was pegged all along as something that offers more choice to the consumer with the idea they’ll have more to pick from but really it’s more consumers that these insurance companies hope to pick up with these shoddy products," says Lang.

Russ Childers with the Georgia Association of Health Underwriters says there’s a disclosure requirement in the law that helps protect people.

"You have to have a piece of paper that outlines the benefits that would be included if it was the Georgia plan that wouldn’t be included in the plan that’s being sold from other states," says Childers.

The law takes effect July 1st.