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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 2:33pm

Lawmakers Want Health Insurance Bills Scrutinized

A Senate committee today passed a measure that creates a commission to scrutinize bills relating to health insurance.

Members of the 16-member panel would represent hospitals, consumers, health insurance companies and small businesses.

Sen. Tim Golden of Valdosta says having experts look at the bill would strengthen the decision-making process.

"We want to get outside resources and try to bring non-emotional, factual study back to us and put that in front of us and make a decision based on fact, based on science, based on reality, and based on cost," Golden says.

Currently, provisional study commissions can be asked to look at legislation. The proposed bill asks for a more permanent commission.

Golden says the commission would meet five times a year, and it would cost around $13,000 per year to operate if every member attends.

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