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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 4:27am

Sunday Sales To Get Senate Vote

The Sunday alcohol sales bill is scheduled for a vote in the state Senate Wednesday. It's a last gasp for the legislation, as today represents crossover day--the final day for a bill to pass one chamber to have a chance to become law.

The bill was one of the first to make it out of committee this session. But on Tuesday, it was one of the last chosen by the Senate Rules Committee for Wednesday’s calendar.

Its chief sponsor, Republican Sen. John Bulloch of Ochlocknee, says he doesn’t know why that is, given the measure’s widespread support.

“There is real, strong support for this bill under a lot of aspects. I mean, from the business community and everything – there is a lot of support for it.”

The bill would let communities vote on whether they want grocery stores and other retailers to sell alcohol on Sundays.

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