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Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 1:45pm

Georgia Power Wants to Cut 64 Cents from Bills

Georgia Power wants to lower its customers' bills.

The utility submitted a proposal to the state's Public Service Commission Tuesday to cut bills by about 64 cents a month.

"What we’ve seen is, because of the lower natural gas prices, that has actually lowered our fuel cost. So that’s the primary driver behind the fuel decrease proposal," said Jeff Wilson, a Georgia Power spokesman.

Since January, Georgia Power customer bills have risen by an average of $14 per month. This cut would be the first in 14 years for the utility.

Wilson said the cut added up to $43 million annually.

The Public Service Commission will hear Georgia Power's request May 9 and 10 with a vote expected May 24. The new slightly lower rates would go into effect June 1.

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