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Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 11:37am

Race To The Top Update

More than two dozen school districts across the state are getting closer to putting to use the first infusion of Race to the Top money.

U.S. education officials Monday signed-off on the detailed plans of Georgia’s 26 systems. Next month, the state’s Board of Education will vote to release the first chunk of cash—about $32 million.

The state’s director of implementation for Race to the Top, Teresa MacCartney, says systems will have flexibility to use this first round of money within their individual plans.

“So you would have one system that’s really focusing on improving their data systems," MacCartney says. "Where you may have another system that’s really focusing on professional learning…another system really trying to target its lowest achieving schools."

Over four years, Georgia will eventually disperse $400 million. The state was one of 9 states with the District of Columbia to win money from the program—designed to encourage innovative ways to improve education.

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