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Monday, January 31, 2011 - 1:39pm

Ga. Not Likely to Follow Arizona's Footsteps.

State Lawmakers say they will craft illegal immigration legislation that will not draw a federal lawsuit. Georgia is not likely to follow into Arizona's footsteps.

There is a bill in the state house that has similar provisions as the controversial Arizona law. The bill has been sent to a committee where it could be adjusted. Meanwhile an immigration bill in the state senate is still pending. Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers says Georgia can learn from the Arizona experience.

"Setting aside those who may suggest you shouldn't go forward because you get sued, there is a way to do this and not get sued. The state of Georgia has proven it and we plan to prove that again. "

Rogers say Georgia passed an immigration reform bill 5 years ago and has not been sued over it. Senators say their version of any new immigration reform will protect Georgia's agricutlural industry from any fallout.

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