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Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 10:00am

Deal: APS Members Exempt From New Law

Atlanta Public schools is in danger of losing its accreditation because of infighting among its school board members. The state may not be able to intervene as quickly as it would like.

A bill enacted this summer lets the state act immediately to remove school board members of school districts in danger of losing accreditation. It came out of Clayton County's loss of accreditation two years ago. But Governor Deal says it wouldn’t apply to the Atlanta schools.

"I am told in the situation with Atlanta public schools all of those board members terms predated legislation and therefore would not be subject to that legislative approach," says Deal.

That means the state may have to go through the longer process in the courts to oust school board members.

Deal says the state will continue its investigation into the CRCT cheating scandal.

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