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Friday, January 14, 2011 - 11:42am

Stadium Chemical Spill Leads To EPD Investigation

EPD officials say a fertilizer sprayer used on the field at UGA's Sanford Stadium was likely to blame for Tanyard Creek’s aqua marine tint last week.

Investigators believe a UGA worker rinsed the sprayer in a storm drain. They say that likely caused concentrated blue dye that’s mixed with the fertilizer to run into the creek.

Mike Rodock is storm water supervisor for the Athens EPD branch:

"We do have a water quality violation and we’re going to pursue that to determine if it was in fact totally accidental or if there’s an ongoing problem there."

UGA officials say the mixture isn’t toxic and only a small amount was spilled.

Last year the EPD fined the university $10,000 after red and white paint washed into the same creek staining it pink.