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Friday, January 14, 2011 - 11:30am

Snow Has DOE Working To Extend Testing Deadlines

School systems have a 2-week window in the spring to give the Criterion Referenced Competency Test.

The high stakes exam measures student progress and determines whether or not schools meet federal standards. But the extended winter break in North Georgia because of the storm has left educators concerned that students won’t be ready.

The missed days can be made up later in the year but unless the state finds a way to shift that testing window those critical days of preparation will be lost.

State school superintendent John Barge says the Department of Education is working on fixing that.

"We’re talking with our folks in testing and assessment about the process that we have to go through to grant flexibility to school systems as far as increasing that window of time that they have to take the test."

The DOE does plan to reschedule the start of the Eighth Grade Writing Assessment testing window which was set to begin next week.