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Thursday, January 13, 2011 - 12:37pm

Snow Days Feel Like Forced Vacation

For many people who haven’t had to report to work because of the snow, it’s been like a forced vacation.  But for those who are paid by the hour, it may be one they can’t afford.

Icy roads have kept many schools, businesses and state agencies closed this week.  That may be a nice break for salaried employees but for people who are losing paid work hours, it’s not so relaxing.  Heather Allington is a contractor who teaches at a couple schools in Atlanta and a local university. 

"I just took an unpaid two week Christmas holiday and so this week was sort of a time when I was going to get ahead again work extra hours and instead I’m working no hours, so at this point I’m getting kind of restless and frustrated that I can’t work because I need to."

Allington says she’s been reworking her finances these past few days. According to US Department of Labor statistics, nearly two million Georgians are paid by the hour.

Salaried or hourly pay aside, the state is yet to see how much the forced vacation has cost it in lost productivity.