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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 2:46pm

Education Leaders Deal With Snow Days

Sunday’s winter blast has left many of the state’s public schools closed for the third day in a row. That leaves school districts to decide if and how those days will be made up.

The state Department of Education gives districts up to four emergency days set aside for things like disasters and snow days.

Any days beyond that have to be rescheduled unless the DOE grants a waiver.

Some districts already have at least one snow day built into their calendars but others don’t. With treacherous driving conditions likely to remain through Friday in parts of the state it’s uncertain when schools will reopen.

Spokesman Matt Cardoza says the DOE will be understanding with districts that use up their days and need waivers.

"We’ll work with them on whatever flexibility we can offer because we know that this is happening all over the state right now."

Cardoza says some districts might consider using the snow days in place of furlough days scheduled for later in the year.