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Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - 3:05pm

Blasts of Snow Affect Local Businesses

The snow has kept much of the Northern half of the state paralyzed. Businesses are now weathering this second blast of winter.

For this local Atlanta grocery store that has stayed open, business is better than ever. Chris Hutchens is the manager.

“We’ve been running a ghost crew, no deliveries, and having a crazy day, every day since this happened…we had lines out the door yesterday because every one was closed except for us.”

They’re already out of eggs and bread, but Hutchens says so long as delivery resumes soon, bare shelves mean products sold.

But the pharmacist down the street, Ira Katz, isn’t as thrilled about the snow.

“Yesterday was more like a Sunday as far as business is concerned. Today the same thing just emergency things we’re dealing with, patients who are running out their prescriptions. I say I’ll give you a couple pills to hold you over until we can get a hold of the doctor.”

Katz says he anticipates making up for the lost sales by week’s end with a flood of prescriptions when doctors and people can get moving again.

But for businesses that don’t sell essential goods, it will be harder to make up for lost revenue, says Chris Carlock.

He owns a custom t-shirt store nearby that’s been closed so far this week.

“January, February are the slowest months for all retail. To have this weather on top of it... it could put some small business out of business. They’re hanging on by a thread and a week or five days of no sales are going to put you under especially if you have a lot of employees."

Carlock says his business has already been recession-proofed, so he should be fine, as long as he can open shop again soon.

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