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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 - 2:42pm

Georgia's New Tax Code Still to Be Decided

The group charged with making Georgia’s tax code more business friendly met again Wednesday in Atlanta. With about a month left to make recommendations to lawmakers it still has no concrete ideas.

The deadline for the “Special Council on Tax reform and Fairness for Georgians” is January 10th. The Groups chair AD Frazier told lobbyists, lawmakers and advocates who attended the meeting not to expect anything until the Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor make it public.

“I know that people have written in the paper and talked on the TV about speculations about what we’re going to do.” Frazier says. “I urge you to not pay any attention until you hear it from David Ralston or Casey Cagle.“

Frazier says s everything, including a tax on groceries is still on the table. Governor Elect Nathan Deal has said during his campaign that he does not favor bringing back the grocery tax. But that promise is not enough for Kathy Floyd with the AARP.

“I think by the time it gets to governor’s desk it will be a complete package and it will not be his decision to pick different parts,” Floyd says.

AARP is against bringing back a grocery tax, because Floyd says it will hurt the elderly who are on fixed incomes.
There’s only one guarantee. Any new tax code, Frazier says, will be friendly to businesses, in hopes they will grow jobs in the state.