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Friday, November 26, 2010 - 10:34am

Changes Coming To Blind Library Services

Right now there are 12 Talking Book Centers in Georgia where patrons can check out thousands of recorded books.

They are found in each of the state’s regional library headquarters.

But the results of an ongoing study by the Georgia Public Library Service could mean fewer centers.

Lamar Veatch, a state librarian with the GPLS, says the centers spend a lot of time mailing talking books to patrons who can’t leave home.

He says moving those operations to a central location would save money without hurting the people who rely on the service most:

"If we could consolidate the shipping and receiving the existing sub-regionals could spend more time with direct outreach and patron services."

Veatch says even if a branch closes its Talking Book Center patrons will still be able to go there and get help signing up for the service.

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