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Monday, November 22, 2010 - 10:55am

Georgia Finalizes Race to the Top Plan

The Georgia Department of Education is sending in a final plan for its Race to the Top federal money today. School districts across Georgia have worked on budget plans and now the state will submit all but one of them to the federal government. These plans map out how the 26 districts will use the $400 million dollars.

Matt Cardoza with the Department of Education says that today’s deadline means the government can start the review process and then give districts feedback.

“A lot of the school districts are going to apply some of that money toward professional development. I think you’ll see a lot of consistency. Some like the added professional development and certainly the technology component of enhancing longitudinal data systems and things like that.”

Treutlen County is the only district that got an extension for its budget. Treutlen was added to the Race to the Top districts only a few weeks ago when Jones County dropped out.

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