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Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 3:12am

Judge to Review Washington Plant Air Permit

Today an administrative law judge will hear final arguments on whether an air permit issued for a coal plant in Washington county is legal.

Opponents of plant Washington say a model used to show how much pollution would be created from the plant is wrong. They say the data that was used was manipulated to keep the levels just below the maximum.

Justine Thompson is a lawyer arguing against the air quality permit.

“It’s ciritcal we keep the levels of particulate matter low in our atmosphere and we believe that this plant will emit too much of that to be healthy. “

Power4Georgians, the group which owns the plant, says it’s data is good, even though it may be close to the top level allowed. Dean Alford is their spokesman.

"Those Emission levels that the state is basically setting are maximum levels we will operate below those levels."

Whoever loses this round in court will likely appeal in Superior Court.

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