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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 10:14am

S.Ga. Wildfire Could Burn 5-K Acres

Firefighters continue to battle a blaze in south Georgia’s Clinch County which has been burning for a week. The Arabia Bay fire has charred more than 860 acres, and is expected to burn thousands more.

Arabia Bay in extreme south Georgia includes a swamp and surrounding lands owned by several private landowners. The fire is in northern Clinch County near Homerville, about 30 miles east of Valdosta.

Officials say despite dealing with shifting winds, they feel they’ve got a good handle on the blaze. Wendy Burnett is with the Georgia Forestry Commission:

“We expect the entire swamp to burn. It’s about five thousand acres, and we’ve plowed firebreaks around the perimeter to keep it contained within the swamp.”

Burnett says no homes or structures are being threatened by the fire. But she says drivers in a multi-county region extending into Florida need to take precaution on area roads.

The Arabia Bay swamp burned 10 years ago. Officials don’t yet know the cause of the fire.