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Friday, November 12, 2010 - 12:45pm

Wells Fargo Works With Rainbow PUSH

Wells Fargo says it will help to educate homeowners about managing money. The bank will work with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH coalition and other civil rights groups. They have been critical of Wells Fargo’s lending practices in the past.

Georgette Dixon with Wells Fargo says the initiative will help to solve one of the biggest problems in Georgia.

“Wells Fargo is supporting the 1000 Churches Connected Save Our Homes’ financial literacy campaign to provide financial education and to help financially struggling homeowners which is one of the most serious that the community is faced in the last few years.”

Starting in January the bank and church groups will work together to teach people about managing finances and preventing foreclosure.

This comes after the bank was accused of not negotiating with black homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure.