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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 4:59pm

Republicans Hope For a Sweep

Republican leaders are hunkered down at their election night headquarters in an Atlanta hotel. Head of the state party Sue Everhart says she's looking for a sweep of the constitutional offices in Georgia.

"It would make me a happy woman and it would make a lot of happy Republicans in Georgia," says Everhart.

Everhart says she thinks the race for Governor between Republican Congressman Nathan Deal and former Democratic Governor Roy Barnes will be a close one. She says a run-off in that race could affect some contests down the ticket, like the race for Attorney General and Schools Superintendent.

"Whenever you have a Libertarian in the mix they're going to take some votes. It does make it hard in close races. Nathan's race is close, John Barge's race is close and so is Sam Olens," says Everhart.

A race that's doesn't look so tight is the one for U.S. Senate. Republican incumbent Johnny Isakson has had a solid lead in the polls throughout the election season. He says he's cautiously optimistic about tonight's results. But he thinks the general mood of the nation is behind his party.

“The wind is definitely at the GOP’s back. It's not so much a GOP win as a win to stabilize the country," says Isakson.

Isakson says he thinks the current administration has gone too far too fast, and that has influenced voters.

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